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For over a decade, the staff at Heat-n-Air Guys, Inc. has invest in an exciting new heating and cooling technology: ductless mini split heat pumps systems. With standard variable speed technology, and almost endless flexibility, ductless heat pumps are miles ahead of other more conventional heating and cooling systems.

While they are simpler to install than traditional heating and cooling systems and they offer much lower operating costs in both summer and winter. Also a HVAC for an addition, or as a complete new HVAC installation, ductless systems are a great choice for Metro Philadelphia homes and businesses.

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Flexible, Efficient Year Around Comfort

In recent years mini split heat pumps have become increasingly popular for obvious reasons. While many contractors, and even home owners, theoretically can install a mini split system, as true system professionals, we consider every aspect of the design, installation, and maintenance of this technology to deliver superior heating , cooling, and air quality performance for decades:

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Brand, Sizing, and Configuration

  • We are Mitsubishi ductless heat pump dealers. Mitsubishi is recognized and the clear leading in heating and cooling technology throughout North America and we feel this line provides the best value for our customers.
  • Room By Room System Sizing: Sizing your ductless heat pump system for both winter and summer use is critical. On every project, we calculate and ACCA Manual J based heat loss / gain. Proper equipment sizing for both indoor and outdoor units is absolutely required for proper performance. Mitusbishi heat pumps offer outdoor unit sizing from 7.0 to 60.0 MBtuH and indoor options from 6.0 to 42.0 MBtuH.
  • Efficiency:
    • Single zone Mitsubishi systems have SEER rating of up to 33.1, and HSPF heating efficiencies of up to 13.5.
    • Multi-zone systems offer up to 20.0 SEER and 11.0 HSPF.
  • H2i® low temperature or standard units: Here in south eastern Pennsylvania, most heat pump systems cannot provide complete comfort on our coldest winter days. With their H2i® Hyper-Heating systems, we can offer rated outputs to 5°F and efficient comfort to -13°F.
  • Matching Indoor and Outdoor Systems: Mini Splits can be single zone (one indoor unit matching up or one outdoor unit), or multi-zone with 2 - 8 indoor units fed from a single outdoor unit. Indoor units can be high wall, ducted (or “slim duct”), floor mount, ceiling cassettes, or ducted to allow us to customize systems for the load of each room or area of your home.

Installation Details

  • In air conditioning, a significant amount of condensation is produced in the indoor unit(s) during operation. The indoor units, and their condensate removal system must be installed perfectly to ensure proper condensate disposal.
  • System wiring: Control and power wires connect from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit(s). Selecting the proper wiring, and properly installing these cable is critical to precise operations.
  • Outdoor Unit Defrost: In heating mode, a mini split will defrost the outdoor coils as needed to maintain capacity and efficiency. The outdoor unit must be properly elevated and level so that the water produced during defrost can flow away freely.

Our Team

From our sales staff to our EPA Certified, licensed and insured installers, we guide you through the necessary decisions, and provide prompt professional results.

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Stay cool with Heat-n-Air Guys!

Emergency Mini Split Heat Pump Repair

If your min split pump system requires emergency service we are here to help. We can service all ductless heat pump brands. The most common service issues are caused by improper installation or lack of proper maintenance. Common mini split heat pump service issues that require professional help include:

Installation Issues

  • Reduced or declining system capacity caused by refrigerant line leaks or mechanical damage.
  • Condensation leaks from indoor units typically cause by indoor units being installed out of level or improperly install condensation lines.
  • System or a zone fails to start due to refrigerant loss.
  • Inconsistent temperature or wide temperature swings often cause by improper system or zone sizing.
  • Wintertime outdoor unit freeze-ups cause by improperly mounted outdoor units. Outdoor units need to be high enough so that snow and ice will not accumulate around its base and impede proper operation.

Maintenance Issues

  • Changes in heating or cooling capability over time often caused by dirty indoor filters or coils
  • Capacity issues caused by a dirty or clogged outdoor coil.
  • Noisy operation indoors or out.

If your mini split heat pump is fine today but you want to make sure you're ready for either winter or summer weather, consider a pre-season tune-up. We’ll schedule a complete system check to ensure your system is ready for the cooling or heating season.